Advent of Code Solutions

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TL;DR: I started actively participating in Advent of Code in 2021 and have made a point of trying to write understandable code, rather than reach the solution the fastest.


Technology: Swift 5.9

Solution code

December of 2023 turned out to be a crazy time with travel to the UK, sickness and the typical holiday chaos. As a result I only got through day 3 before running out of time. One day I might return and finish the year, but I ended up spending most of my free time building out a whole Parser Combinator library (for the second time) that I hope I might be able to make use of in future years and other projects.

The parser combinator library gave me the opportunity to also work with DocC for the first time, using SwiftLint, as well as defining and using custom operators in Swift so it still resulted in a lot of learning, even if most of it didn’t come from the actual solutions.


Technology: Swift 5.7

Solution code

This year I started trying to blog about my solutions, although I only made it to day 8 before I admittely ran out of steam. In addition to some technical writing experience, I learned a lot about Swift outside of iOS/macOS app development and really fell in love with the language.


Technology: OCaml 4.13.1

Solution code

My first year actively participating. I learned a lot about OCaml and more generally functional programming, as my only experience with FP up to this point had been with Elixir.

Highlights from this year include writing a Parser Combinator library modeled after Angstrom.