Welcome back to the end of another year and that means another season of Advent of Code!

Last year was the first time that I actively participated and I chose to solve the challenges using OCaml to better familiarize myself with the language. This year I decided that, as much as I enjoy OCaml, I’ve been doing enough Swift for some side projects that I’d love to learn some of the language’s features better.

While I didn’t do write up’s last year, I’ve set the challenge to put together a small write up of my solutions for this year as I work through them with the hopes of practicing my technical writing skills. Additionally, while there is some joy in trying to solve the problems the fastest and most golfed, clever code, I’m also looking to strike a balance of maintainable and readable code and exploring some more features of the language, so every day’s write up may not be super advanced OR optimal.

This years theme is: The elves stage a tropical expedition, in the name of the reindeer’s magical energy supply, to find 50 star fruit.