Joshua Ashby

For a PDF version of this page, please shoot me an email at: hello (at) joshashby (dot) com

I’m a quick and enthusiastic learner on new technologies and code bases and I’m passionate about continuous growth. I’m experienced with being in knowledge leadership roles. I am comfortable working collaboratively, remotely or on my own.

Primary Technologies: Elixir/Phoenix, Ruby/Ruby on Rails, JavaScript/TypeScript, ReactJS, Svelte, Redis, SQL/PostgreSQL/SQLite, Elasticsearch, CSS

Comfortable Tools & Platforms: Git, Fossil-SCM, Terraform, Ansible, Chef, Heroku, AWS, Digital Ocean

Notable Work

Professional Experience

Lifespark, LLC - Remote/St. Louis Park, MN (June 2022 — Present)

Staff Data Engineer
Technologies: Python, Dagster, dbt, Snowflake, CUE/Cloudformation, AWS, Bash, TypeScript/ReactJS/React Native, Postgres

Subatomic Agency - Remote/Denver, CO (January 2021 — May 2022)

Senior Software Engineer
Technologies: Elixir/Phoenix, TypeScript/ReactJS, Python/Django, Postgres, Redis, Elasticsearch, Terraform, AWS, Bash

Tumbler Lock - Remote/Longmont, CO (August 2019 — December 2020)

Software Engineer, Contractor
Technologies: Ruby/Ruby on Rails, TypeScript, ReactJS, Python, Flask, Postgres, Redis, Terraform, AWS, Bash

Singularity Interactive - Boulder, CO (April 2018 — August 2019)

Senior Software Engineer, Backend Tech Lead, Chief Architect
Technologies: NodeJS, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Next.JS/ReactJS, AWS Kinesis/Lambda/S3/Beanstalk

Gloo - Boulder, CO (May 2014 — April 2018)

Software Engineer, Data/ETL Engineer
Technologies: Ruby, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL/AWS Redshift, Ruby on Rails, Kafka, AWS SNS/SQS


Sparkfun Electronics - Niwot, CO (Summers of 2012, 2013) - Software Developer Intern Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Postgres, JavaScript

Colorado State University - Fort Collins, CO (August 2012 — May 2015)


I have a lot of side projects in a variety of languages and for a variety of purposes, many of which are open sourced on my Github. Here’s a sampling of my prouder projects:

Broom - A Chrome and Firefox browser extension for scraping websites with an easy to use interface.
Technologies Svelte, TypeScript, TailwindCSS, Vite.js

Raton - An open source RSS Feed Aggregator bundled into a Firefox browser extension.
Technologies Svelte, TypeScript, TailwindCSS, Vite.js

These projects are closed for regisitration but are open sourced: - Open source bookmarking service with a supporting browser extension. Crawls a bookmark to create a local “archive” copy.
Technologies: Ruby on Rails 7, Stimulus.JS 2, Tailwind CSS, TypeScript
Repository: - Open source Fossil-SCM hosting service
Technologies: Roda, Sequel, SQLite, Fossil, Tailwind CSS, Alpine.JS
Repository: - Open source Image/Gif/Video host. Uses ffmpeg and VIPS to optimize and create a variety of formats from the upload.
Technologies: Roda, Sequel, Shrine, SQLite, Ffmpeg, VIPS, Tailwind CSS, Alpine.JS/Stimulus.JS