So I've had a Canon Rebel 300D for a while now, as a hand down from a relative out in Kansas, but it's gotten to the age where all of its batteries are aging, the compact flash cards are slow and it's just in general Out-Dated.

Naturally then, I began thinking about getting a new body a couple of months ago. I was thinking of just staying in the Rebel line, getting one of the new "Ti" and calling it good. They use an SD card which is super easy for me to read since my laptops and desktops all have SD card readers built in. Sticking with the Canon brand allows me to keep my existing lenses, flashes and other accessories without needing any adapters or anything. Finally, I don't need anything fancy. I shoot as a hobby and for fun, not professionally or anything remotely related to professionally.

And then I got thinking; I figured I should think about my requirements for this:

  • Canon brand, DSLR
  • It should hopefully last a long time, I hardly have an excuse to buy new gear because of my low use of it
  • Not super totally expensive, still within the hobby range
  • Able to shoot in raw, because I like having the possible freedom to process the photos a bit
  • SD card, because I have a reader on all of my computer's, built in
  • Works with my existing lenses and other accessories

So ... basically any of the current line of Canon DSLR's.

I reasoned that, if I was going to be getting a new body, I might as well get something that gives me a little bit of growth room. So I actually started thinking about getting the next step up in the hobby lines, which lead to calling my sister, who's a bit more knowledgeable in the camera area. She's got a 70D that I've messed around with before and after some discussion, it started to sound like the same camera might be a good fit for me as well, since it fills all of the points above and some more.

Needless to say, I'm now a proud new owner of a 70D as well. YAY. BestBuy didn't have just the body available without ordering it in, and I wanted it friday night so I ended up getting a bundle with the kit 18-135mm lens. I've already got a kit 18-55mm from my old Rebel 300D so its a bit redundant, and I've got a 70-300mm Sigma that fills the rest of the lengths, but whatever, a new lens is a new lens. In addition to the new body I figured that I'd grab a 50mm fixed since I've always wanted one but have never picked one up.

Here's two sample photos, one with the 18-135mm and one with the 50mm. Quick shots so nothing too fancy or good, but it was fun to mess around with...